How I started making my own salad without much effort!

Evening 4-5 is when I start craving to eat something.Usually I end up having some bakery or some other unhealthy food. Since these are easily available compared to something healthy like a salad. Healthy options are usually far from one's reach. Asking amma to make salad also along with breakfast, lunch box was too much.

Yesterday a text message from BigBasket triggered a thought in my mind & I wanted to try it out.

BigBasket Text Message

So I went ahead and ordered some sliced cucumbers, sprouts, green and red cabbage, some diced carrots. Bill including delivery charges came to ~80bucks (I chose minimum quantity of 200gm each and it can serve 5 days for me). I selected the early morning slot for delivery hoping to make and take salad to office. Delivery happened at around 8 & while my mom was busy preparing breakfast, I just mixed all veggies, sprout and added some salt, chilly powder, lemon to make my own salad :-)

Now I can be healthy without giving excuses, thanks to BigBasket for making this happen. Head over to "Cut Vegetables" section on BigBasket.

Kotak jifi!

Very interesting move by an Indian bank to integrate banking with social. Wonder how it will be taken by youth whom the bank is targeting. Personally I like the design of the Debit Card so much that I want to get an account! Kotak jifi (Affiliate link)

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    My ChromeCast Wishlist

    Official support to change DNS (so that I can use Pandora with ChromeCast and bypass content blocking through Unlocator!) Spotify, Grooveshark support android app support Unified volume control for ChromeCast on Android Flipboard support Screen mirroring on Android/Mac Support for PowerAmp or any music player that scrobbles

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    Simplenote - note taking app that works for me

    My biggest requirement in a note taking app is accessibility. And hence Google Docs used to be my favorite until I discovered Simplenote. I think it is a well polished note taking app with excellent featureset which I am going to talk below. Accessibility It is available on Android, iOS

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